What don't we know about prophet Mohammed?

2017-09-07 09:28:59

I would argue we know very little about the actual prophet as these books of ‘authentic’ Hadiths were written over 200 years after his death. They are all hearsay and propaganda to control the muslim masses in to bahaving a certain way. The only thing we know about the prophet is what is written in the Quran. Everything else is possibly a work of fiction especially anything that doesn't correspond with the Quran which is 90% or these Hadiths.

People like to credit him with good deeds like encouraging people to give to charity, looking after their community etc but these are Quranic concepts that the prophet was spreading, they did not come from the prophet, the came from God. To surmise that these were the prophets initiatives is doing God a disservice.

The only reason we have so much data claiming to be about the prophet is because he was used decades after his death to give people something to idolise so it was easier to spread Islam as a separate religion, an identity which could be used to gain power over communities and overthrow the existing rulers. The use of the prophet was a political movement which helped people gain power and very little to do with religion itself.

These things you think you know about the prophet were spread after his death to influence people in to thinking certain heinous acts were ok because the prophet did it like child marriages, misogyny, killing non Muslims and homosexuals etc. To claim the prophet did these things because of the so called ‘authentic’ Hadiths is an insult to the prophet and God who chose him as a prophet.