2017-09-01 22:32:33

Why are Muslims circumcised? 
People say it is Sunnah but if the prophet was circumcised as a child, this was before the revelation of the Quran which means he was a pagan Arab at the time. This tells me that it is a pagan Arab custom and Jewish custom that has just been adopted in to Islam.
Also, think about who designed the human body? Then surely god knew the benefits of no foreskin? If god thought it was best to keep the foreskin, who are we mere humans to decide we know better? God neither encourages or forbids circumcision in the Quran which tells us that it is not part of the deen but nore is it sinful. 
I am neither for or against circumcision but do feel sorry for the little ones who are circumcised because of people‚Äôs inability to challenge these pagan traditions.