Birth control haram?

2017-08-26 09:17:46

There is an attitude within the Muslim community that birth controls are haram because Muslims must have lots of babies to spread Islam and take over the world. Luckily this is no longer a common attitude. A woman is not a baby machine and a person in her own right.

There is no such stipulation from god to have lots of children let alone any children . We are all God’s creation and not just the Muslims for people to increase their ‘ummah’.

For a faith to be a true faith, the laws within that faith should be applicable to the whole of mankind and not just a small group of people. The fact that some of these scholars advise Muslims to increase their population above other faiths shows their attitude is wrong and they do t understand Islam.

A women has the right to choose to marry if she wants to, who she wants to and have children if she wants. And there are no commandments from god that says otherwise.