Quranic is a new muslim social networking app focused on studying and discussing Quranic revelation and well as studying islamic traditions and history.

It is a wikipedia style app where users can improve upon topics writing by other users. The focus is on pooling together our knowledge and understanding to address any misconceptions.

The app features:

Homepage with all the posts on relevant topics you can like, comment, share and edit if you have something further to add. All new posts will be published automatically however edits will need to be approved to monitor inappropriate language or irrelevant information.

Quran page where you can read over 100 translations of the Quran in various languages. You can also like and comment on verses that move you or you would like others to help you understand

Chatroom is where you can talk to other users about anything and everything. Our aim is to bring people of all walks of life together as one community.

Profile page where you can write a bit more about yourself and all you activities will be listed for you to revisit and others to see.



Quranic is available on iOS AppStore, click the button to start downloading



Quranic is available on Android, click the button to start downloading